Alex Heemels

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design engineering at TU Delft (2015). But my fascination with synthesizer and their signal altering properties lead to an interest in Signal Processing and I decided to pursue a master’s in Systems and Control engineering at the faculty of 3mE.

There I learnt how light could be manipulated in in similar ways as synthesizers manipulate sound, initiating my interest in Optics and made me choose to specialize in the topic.

During my master’s thesis I worked on simulating and building a Fourier Ptychographic microscope for Malaria detection under supervision of Prof. Gleb Vdovine and Dr. Tope Agbana. I obtained my MSc. in 2019 (Cum Laude).

Shortly thereafter, I started my PhD at the Optics Research Group. Together with Dr. Aurele Adam and Prof. Paul Urbach, I work on the Multi-Source Light Shaping project: in which we strive to control the light emitted by multiple sources using Diffractive optical elements and freeform optics.

Alex Heemels - phd-student

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  • Hobbies: Making music - Studying Physics - Gardening