Irina Malysheva

Instrument scientist SRON 

Irina Malysheva obtained her BSc in Physics (2020) and MSc in Quantum electronics and Nonlinear optics (2022) at Moscow State University. Since sophomore year she worked in a laboratory of «Nonlinear optics of nanostructures and photonic crystals» where Irina conducted experiments on second harmonic generation spectroscopy, nonlinear absorption, and different magneto-optical effects in hyperbolic metamaterials. The results of the research were published in prestigious scientific journals and presented at various science conferences. During studies Irina also obtained several scholarships for senior science students and for leadership support.  

Current research  

Irina started to work at the Dutch Institute for Space Research (SRON) as an Instrument Scientist and at the Optics Research Group in June 2022. She is currently working on a joint project between SRON and TU Delft, that is devoted to analytical and experimental study of stray light of optical metasurfaces. For this purpose, simulations of different fabrication errors in structures are performed via FDTD method. This allows to predict the dependence of stray light patterns on the design of the metastructures and then compare the simulation results with stray light measurements structures manufactured at TU delft. This shall serve as an input to the design of future metasurface-based optical instruments for space. 


Irina Malysheva - guest