Sven Weerdenburg

Sven Weerdenburg obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Physics at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in 2016. During his bachelor studies he followed two internships at Airbus Defence and Space in Leiden and at cosine measurement systems in Warmond.

After a 1 year premaster program, he started his Master of Science in Applied Physics at Delft University of Technology which he obtained in 2019. He did his master thesis work at the Optics Research Group, under supervision of Dr. Aurèle Adam, on a proof of concept regarding two-wavelength reflectometry for optical phase change detection. During his studies he worked part-time at MAPPER Lithography.

In October 2019 he started his PhD, also at the Optics Research Group, working with Prof. Wim Coene and Prof. Paul Urbach. His subject is on Lensless Imaging of Nanostructures with Soft X-Rays (LINX). This methodology should create opportunities in high-resolution metrology which can be beneficial for example in the semiconductor industry. However, there are no imaging optics (in general) in this wavelength regime, thus lensless imaging will be applied instead. In lensless imaging the conventional lens-system is replaced by an iterative algorithm which computes an image from measured diffraction patterns.


Sven Weerdenburg - phd-student

Lensless imaging with High harmonic generation EUV and Soft X-Rays

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