Thomas Kotte

Thomas Kotte obtained his Bachelor degree in Applied Physics in 2015 at the Delft University of Technology. After which he stayed in Delft to continue with his studies and obtained his Masters degree in Applied Physics in 2018. During the Master his focus was on quantum computing and optics, this gradually shifted more and more towards optics such that his master thesis would also be conducted in this field. The title of this thesis is “Controlling resonant energy transfer between phosphors with nanophotonic structures”.  

After finishing his education, he moved to Eindhoven where he worked at Anteryon and ASML. Since December 2019 he is back in Delft to obtain his PhD degree at the Optics Research group, where he is working on the FreeForm Scattering Optics project. In this project several universities are working together with industry to research novel ways of using freeform and scattering optics. Thomas his part in this is to research anisotropic volume scattering: trying to create a volume with nanoparticles which has tailormade scattering characteristics. 

Thomas Kotte - phd-student