Thomas van der Sijs

Thomas van der Sijs obtained his BSc in Applied Physics with honours at Delft University of Technology (DUT) in 2016. During his bachelor studies, he went to Lund for an exchange semester at Lund University.

In 2020 Thomas finished his MSc in Applied Physics at DUT after carrying out his master thesis research in the Optics Research group. He studied Padé approximants as a method to overcome the divergence problem of the Born series in electromagnetic scattering problems.

He started as a PhD candidate in the Optics Research Group in 2020, where he is working on sub-wavelength optical metrology, again under the supervision of Prof. Paul Urbach and Assoc. Prof. Omar El Gawhary. The project aims to employ all properties of light, including amplitude, phase, multiple wavelengths and polarisation to develop a unique sub-wavelength metrology tool and moreover aims to use compressed sensing techniques to allow for industrial speed. The research is conducted as part of the Synoptic Optics program and VSL, the Dutch national metrological institute, is a collaborator of the project by facilitating experimental work and providing additional supervision.

Other notable experience of Thomas includes working for one year in the Project MARCH student team, which develops and builds a powered exoskeleton for paraplegic people, and an internship at Sobolt, where he applied deep learning to satellite imagery.

Thomas van der Sijs - phd-student

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