Zheng Zu

Zheng joined a Ph.D. joint training program at TU Delft and Shenzhen University in March 2016.  His project is to explore new frontier research in the intersection between Nanophotonics and Nonlinear optics.  Nonlinear nanophotonics theory and experiment all need to be accomplished during this program.  He is currently doing the experimental part in the Nanophotonics research center, Shenzhen University. 

Recent theses

This page features the recent theses of the Optics Research Group.

Wenye Ji

Wenye Ji comes to Optics Research Group and becomes a PhD student since June, 2020. His interests mainly focus on metamaterial and metasurface and application for antennas, detectors and so on. His supervisors are Prof. Pual Urbach and Dr. Aurele Adam.

The nonlinear optical research of gold nanospheres

This project focuses on the nonlinear optical effect of metal nanoparticles (gold nanospheres). It involves mainly two research areas: Nanophotonics and Nonlinear Optics. The subprojects contained two different research fields. One is the nonlinear optical traps in free space, and the other localized surface plasmon on near field.

List of theses

Skin spectroscopy and imaging for cosmetics and dermatology, A. Ezerskaia (2020) Tunable Optics: Spectral Imaging and Surface Manipulation on Liquid Lenses, M. Strauch (2020) Computational methods for phase retrieval: Non-iterative methods, Ptychography, and Diffractive Shearing Interferometry, A.P. Konijnenberg (2019) Applications of Optical Birefringence: With Natural-Materials and Meta-Materials, Y. Tang (2019) Ray-based methods for simulating aberrations …

Courses at TU Delft

Bachelor at the Faculty of Applied Physics TN1302 “Mechanica Golven Optica” (Aurèle Adam)Introduction to Mechanics, Waves and Optics for 1st year. First course of physics. TN2421 “Optics” (Aurèle Adam, Paul Urbach)Optics course for 3rd year, including geometrical optics, wave optics, polarization, coherence, diffraction and lasers, based on our own Optics book available via TU Open. …

Vacature organisator en coördinator Bedrijfsschool Optica

We zoeken een energieke en ideeënrijke organisator en coördinator die graag het onderwijsinitiatief Bedrijfsschool Optica concreet vorm wil geven in samenwerking met leden van de optische groepen van de TUD, de Haagse Hogeschool, LIS en TNO. Voor deze positie is een PhD of master in de natuurkunde met specialisatie optica vereist. Naast groot enthousiasme voor …

SLIM funding for TUD, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, LIS and TNO for the Bedrijfsschool Optica

The Dutch Optics Centre (DOC) has acquired funding in the SLIM framework of the Ministery of Social Affairs for starting the Bedrijfschool Optica. The Bedrijfsschool Optica will offer tailored education and training in optics at different levels to people from industry and will be realized by a consortium consisting of members of the Optics Groups …

Soft X-Ray source based on HHG for LINX project

The Optics Research Group recently installed a coherent Soft X-Ray source based on High Harmonic Generation. This new source will have an important role within the LINX consortium, where innovative techniques for 3D lensless imaging are being developed for metrology purposes. The video below shows a rendered overview of the new source and its application. …