The history of the Optics Research Group since 1947.


The Optics Group Gives courses in the Applied Physics Bachelor and Master Programmes, the Nanobiology Bachelor and the Master Precision Engineering of Delft University of Technology. Provides internships and graduation projects to HBO, bachelor and master students from Delft University of Technology and other educational institutes (depending on available resources). We have a special track …

About us

The Optics Research Group of Delft University of Technology carries out research to achieve disruptive improvements in resolution and sensitivity for a wide range of applications, and provides high level education and supervision to students and trainings for industry. The Group is active in outreach, is co-leader of the Dutch Optics Centre and is in …


The people from the Optics Group work with great enthusiasm and dedication on the research projects or on supporting the people who do so. These are the people of Optics, all with their own story and contact details.


The Optics Research Group is coordinating two TTW Perspective Programmes, namely Linx and SYNOPTICS.

Societal challenges

Research projects are carried out in collaboration with high tech industries and institutes such as TNO, SRON, VSL, PTB, etc. The Optics Group is co-leader of the Dutch Optics Centre, which supports Dutch industry by stimulating applied optics research and industrial valorization of optical research. The Optics Group is active in the Board of ICO, …

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