Free Form Scattering Optics

The Free-Form Scattering Optics program is a joint initiative where three Universities of The Netherlands (TUDelft, University of Twente, TU Eindhoven) work together to enable high-tech optical devices that contribute to energy efficacy, climate change, internet-of-things, food, and water quality and quantity, and security, in the interest of rendering the unstoppable worldwide urbanization sustainable.

Currently, the high-tech industry is developing a surge of novel devices that combine light scattering with free-formed optics, such as LED lighting, miniaturized satellites, metrology equipment for the semiconductor industry, and optically secured bank cards. Due to a lack of fundamental know-how on the combination of the technologies, the devices are being designed by educated guesses, which limits progress and applications. Our multidisciplinary physics and mathematics team aims to realize a new paradigm Free-form scattering optics that unites traditionally distinct technologies with a hierarchy of length scales ranging from the microscopic (nanometers) to the macroscopic (centimeters). We develop insights, design rules, and new architectures for free-form scattering optics that allow us to create breakthroughs in several domains as described above simultaneously. The program directly taps into the strengths of the high-tech industry, enhances the knowledge infrastructure, develops new networks of expertise, and educates a new generation of highly skilled professionals. The program is funded by NWO-TTW and our partners.

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Duration: 2019-2024
Budget: 3.8 M€
Funding: NWO – TTW Perspectief


At TUDelft, we are responsible of three different parts of the project, two connected on how to engineer scattering to obtain a certain illumination, one attached to free form optics for illumination:


Company partners:

  • TU Delft (Paul Urbach, Aurèle Adam)
  • TU Eindhoven ( Wilbert Ijzerman, Jan ten Thije Boonkkamp, Martijn Anthonissen)
  • University of Twente (Willem L. Vos, Pepijn W.H. Pinkse, Ad Lagendijk, Ivo Vellekoop)
  • ASML
  • TNO