Courses at TU Delft

Bachelor at the Faculty of Applied Physics

  • TN1302 “Mechanica Golven Optica” (Aurèle Adam)
    Introduction to Mechanics, Waves and Optics for 1st year. First course of physics.
  • TN2421 “Optics” (Aurèle Adam, Paul Urbach)
    Optics course for 3rd year, including geometrical optics, wave optics, polarization, coherence, diffraction and lasers, based on our own Optics book available via TU Open.
  • TN2305 “Quantum Mechanics for the Minor” (Florian Bociort)
    Introduction to quantum mechanics including general concepts and a basic mathematical formalism. We will work on the solutions of the Schroedinger equation in one dimensional potentials such as the harmonic oscillator, square wells, free particle. There will be short presentations of the use of quantum mechanics in modern technology.
  • TN2345 “Inleiding Golven” (Florian Bociort)
    Everything about wave propagation, both optical and acoustic. Principles of Huygens and Fermat. Propagation of light. Reflection/transmission of EM waves. Total internal reflection.
  • TN1003 “Design Engineering voor Fysici” (Aurèle Adam)
    Design Engineering for Physicists is a subject in which learning to design and make (or have made) measurement setups and equipment is central. As a physicist, you must be able to translate your theoretical knowledge of physical processes and phenomena into reality – and back again. We have designed several experiment for this course.
  • Research Practicum “Differential Equation” (Aurèle Adam)
    Derive the light propagation in various cases (mirage, fiber) via the Fermat principal and the Euler-Lagrange equations.
  • Research Practicum “Fourier Filtering” (Aurèle Adam)
    Put in practice the use of Lens as a Fourier device and apply is for image filtering. Both experimental and simulation.

Bachelor at other Faculties

  • NB2181 “Computational Science” (Florian Bociort)
    Course for the nanobiology study. Modelling and simulation techniques in science and engineering, with special emphasis on nanobiology. At the end of the course the students should be able to use computer modelling in order to analyse and solve a scientific problem related to nanobiology.
  • NB2041 “Optics and Microscopy” (Florian Bociort)
    Course for the nanobiology study. The student will acquire a good understanding of the basics of optics, including imaging and the knowledge necessary for understanding the construction of a traditional microscope as well as new types of microscopes such as: bright and dark field microscopes, phase contrast microscopes, polarisation microscopes, fluorescence microscopes and confocal laser scanning microscopes.
  • NB3021 “Optics and its Application in Nanobiology” (Florian Bociort)
    Course for the nanobiology study. It gives a comprehensive course on optics and its application for Nanobiology.

Master at the Faculty of Applied Physics

  • AP3152 “Optics for Lithography” (Wim Coene)
    In this course, the students will deep-dive into the fascinating world of optical lithography, which is the key component of integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing in the semiconductor industry.
  • AP3382 “Advanced Photonics” (Paul Urbach, Omar El Gawhary)
    Advance topics in Optics including a) optical waves in anisotropic materials, partial coherent light and statistical optics, holography and phase sensitive imaging, reciprocity in optics and nonlinear optics. 
  • AP3061 “Acoustic, Elastic and Electromagnetic Waves” (Florian Bociort)
    Introduction to elasticity theory; acoustic waves in fluids; elastic waves in solids; electromagnetic waves; wave propagation in heterogeneous media; Fraunhofer diffraction; Fresnel diffraction.
  • AP3391 “Geometrical Optics” (Florian Bociort)
    This course consists of two parts: the larger part is about the theoretical basis of geometrical optics, the second part is an introduction to optical system design.
  • AP3122 “Advanced Optical Imaging” (Omar El Gawhary, Silvania Pereira)
    This course explain the basic properties of advanced optical imaging systems within the framework of Fourier Optics.
  • AP3701 “Submm and Terahertz Physics and Applications” (Aurèle Adam, Jian-Rong Gao)
    The course is a advanced introduction to the world of THz, and it is open to students from other faculties too. The course is focusing on the topics like Photonics, Time-Domain Spectroscopy, Antenna/Waveguide, terahertz detectors and sources, THz Space application.

Master at other Faculties