News - 15-Oct-2020

Soft X-Ray source based on HHG for LINX project

The Optics Research Group recently installed a coherent Soft X-Ray source based on High Harmonic Generation. This new source will have an important role within the LINX consortium, where innovative techniques for 3D lensless imaging are being developed for metrology purposes. The video below shows a rendered overview of the new source and its application.

Consortium partner Active Fiber Systems, spin-off company of University of Jena, recently installed this compact source at the Optics Research Group being the brightest source of its kind at the moment. This new source enables a lot of new opportunities, besides lensless imaging, by opening up a new wavelength range for optical metrology at the Delft Research Optics group.  If you are interested and want to know more about the new Soft X-Ray source or the LINX project, please contact Sven Weerdenburg or visit the LINX website

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